Killer draughts: 119 classical 10x10 positions
Killer draughts is a slight variation to international draughts that is intended to decrease the drawing rate. In this article one can find a comparison of the result for 119 classical 10x10 positions. With the normal rules only 6% end in a decision, while with the killer rules this goes up to 48%.
Dutch Championship 2017
Dutch Championship 2017 The Dutch championship 2017 was played in Urk. It was organized by Stichting Aanzet, who organized many tournaments before, including the world championship 2011. Martijn van IJzendoorn won the tournament with a sensational 18 points in 11 games, followed by Alexander Baliakin (14 points) and Ron Heusdens (13 points). Take a look at an analysis of the games.
African Championship 2016
African Championship 2016 The African championship 2016 was played in Bamako. The tournament was won by NDiaga Samb (25 points), followed by Alain Dingombe Bukasa (22 points) and Jean Marc Ndjofang (22 points). Take a look at the games of Samb, the games of Bukasa or the games of Ndjofang.
Ukrainian Championship 2016
Ukrainian Championship 2016 The Ukrainian championship 2016 was played in Poltava. The tournament was won by Yuriy Anikeev (19 points), followed by Artem Ivanov (17 points) and Vasyl Pikiniar (14 points). Take a look at some of the games of Anikeev.
World Championship 2016 match
World Championship match 2016 The match for the world championship 2016 between Jan Groenendijk and Roel Boomstra was played in the Dutch towns Groningen, Wageningen and Den Haag. They battled for the vacant world title of Alexander Georgiev, who gave up his world title for unknown reasons. Boomstra won the match convincingly with 16-8. Below an analysis of the three games played in Wageningen can be found. N.B. The comments are in Dutch!
World Championship youth 2016
World championship youth 2016The world championships for youth were played in Izmir (Turkey). The junior boys category was won by Martijn van IJzendoorn. Take a look at some of the games of Van IJzendoorn.
Practical 5x5 positions
Practical 5x5 positionsA short article about some practical 5x5 positions.